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You can purchase our CDs directly from us, at the price of 10 euros for one CD or 15 euros for two CDs, plus shipment fee. Please contact us by e-mail so that we can give you more precise ordering information.

Notice on recorded highlights

In order to get a fast download on the Internet, the quality of musical excerpts is highly decreased and it does not reflect the real audio quality level of our CD. The format of these excerpts is MP3 mono at 40Kbits/s (times 35 compression). You can compare the two types of encoding by listening this short excerpt of track 24 without compression, from our CD "Five Centuries ..." (warning : 3Mbytes for 15 seconds !)

and here is the same excerpt with MP3 encoding, low compression ratio (256kbit/s)

CD "Mandolins over five Centuries : 1300-1800"

With this recording, you will discover which instruments have been at the origin of mandolin, and a set of pieces written specifically for them at this time. Here is a table of content, together with a few excerpts.

1 Johannes Ciconia (circa 1370-1412) Una panthera
2 Conrad Paumann (circa 1415-1473) Mit ganczem Willen
  François de Chancy (circa 1600-1656) Suite pour mandore n°6 en fa mineur
3 Recherche
4 Alemande
5 Courante
6 Courante
7 Volte pour Dardon
8 Sarabande
  Carlo Arrigoni (early 18th century) Sonata in Re Maggiore per mandolino e basso
9 Grave
10 Allegro
11 Grave Adagio
12 [Giga]
  Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757) Sonata in sol minore per mandolino e cembalo Kk.88
13 Grave
14 Andante Moderato
15 Allegro
16 Minuet
  Emanuele Barbella (1718-1777) Duetto in Sol Maggiore per due mandolini
17 Andante con espressione
18 Allegro
19 Gavotta Allegro
20 Pietro Denis Variations sur l'air de la Reine de Golconde pour mandoline
  Valentin Roeser Sonate pour deux mandolines et basse op.3 n°4
21 Andante
22 Tempo di Minuetto - Grazioso
23 Allegro
  Gabriele Leone (circa 1735-after 1768) Sonate pour mandoline et basse n°5 du 2e livre
24 Larghetto
25 Allegretto
26 Variations con gusto
27 Bartolomeo Bortolazzi (1773-1841) Thème et Variations pour mandoline et guitare op.10 n°1
  Johann Hoffmann (end 18th century) Serenata per mandolino e viola
28 Adagio Allegro
29 Romance Andante
30 Rondo Allegro moderato

CD "Quinte et Sens de la mandoline"

This recording contains pieces from various times for mandolin, either original or arrangement. Here is the table of contents of the CD, together with a few excerpts:

  Eduardo ANGULO Suite Mexicaine op.16
1 Jarabe Colimeño
2 Serenata
3 Huapango Criollo
4 Vals
5 Polka
  Gabriele LEONE Duo n°2
6 Allegretto
7 Presto
8 Rondeau varié
  Domenico SCARLATTI Sonate en ré mineur Kk.89
9 Allegro
10 Grave
11 Allegro
12 Girolamo FRESCOBALDI La Romanesca
  Antonio VIVALDI Concerto op.3 n°11
13 Allegro - Adagio e Spiccato - Allegro
14 Largo e Spiccato
15 Allegro
  Benoît ROSSIE Deux Pièces dédiées à l'Ensemble Gabriele Leone
16 Marche des Eléphants
17 Valse aérienne des Trapézistes
  Heinrich KONIETZNY Sinfonietta
18 Moderato giocoso
19 Quasi allegretto - Scherzando
20 Allegro giusto
21 Maurice RAVEL 1er mouvement du Quatuor à cordes en Fa Majeur
  Astor PIAZZOLLA Histoire du Tango
22 Café 1930
23 Nightclub 1960
24 Celso MACHADO Pe de Moleque

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