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The group "Ensemble Gabriele Leone"

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They composed for us
Contemporary composers
19th and 20th century
From 17th to 18th century

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Here is a short biography of some composers who composed for mandolin.

If you are a composer :
Like many other contemporary composers over the past years, don't hesitate to contact us so that we can work together on a first production of your composition for mandolin. You will find in the following document the musical characteristics of our instruments and our group, so that you get a better understanding of what is possible to do.

They composed for us
Alex de VALERA (born in Cali in 1949)
Benoît ROSSIE (Born in Gand, 1964)
Laurent RAYNAUD (Born in 1968)
Michel BOSC (born october 3, 1963)
Vincent BOUCHOT (born 1966)

Contemporary composers
Antonius STREICHARDT (born in Erfurt, 1936)
Claudio MANDONICO (born in Brescia, 1957)
Dietrich ERDMANN (born in Bonn, 1917)
Eduardo ANGULO (born in Puebla, 1954)
Hans GAL (Brunn am Gebirge 1890 - Edimbourg 1987)
Heinrich KONIETZNY (Gleiwitz 1910 - Dudweil 1983)
Helmut FACKLER (born in Memmingen, 1940)
Hermann AMBROSIUS (Hambourg 1897 - Engen im Hegau 1983)
Longin JAKUBOWSKI (Villerupt 1922 - Villerupt 1986)
Michel CLAUDIO (born in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, 1961)
Siegfried BEHREND (1934-1990)
Thierry LECOCQ
Ulrich FAUTH (born 1940)

19th and 20th century
Carlo MUNIER (Naples 1859 - Florence 1911)
Mario MACIOCCHI (Rome 1874 - Paris 1955)
Raffaele CALACE (Naples 1863 - Naples 1934)

From 17th to 18th century
Antonio VIVALDI (Venise 1678 - Vienne 1741)
Domenico SCARLATTI (Naples 1685 - Madrid 1757)
Emanuele BARBELLA (Naples 1718 - Naples 1777)
Gabriele LEONE (Naples circa 1735 - ? after 1768)
Johann HOFFMANN (active in Vien circa 1800)
Prospero CAUCIELLO (18th century)
Valentin ROESER (Germany circa 1735 - Paris circa 1782)
Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART (Salzbourg 1756 - Vienne 1791)

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