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The group "Ensemble Gabriele Leone"

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They too play mandolin ...
-  Orchestra Citta di Brescia , an excellent italian plectrum orchestra, with Claudio Mandonico and Ugo Orlandi
-  Bundes Deutscher Zupfmusiker, Mandolin in Germany
-  Melonious Quartet, the group of the French mandolin player Patrick Vaillant
-  Estudiantina d'Argenteuil , the mandolin orchestra in which many of us have been playing
-  Trio Assai, a Spanish group which is also promoting the family of plectrum instruments
-  the Italian group Euterpe
-  the Spanish professional plectrum orchestra 'Camerata Aguilar'
-  The mandolin orchestra 'Claude Gellée' from Jarville, France
-  The mandolin orchestra 'Cercle Royal des Mandolinistes de Malmedy' in Belgium
-  Mandolin'Variation : a group of 6 musicians in France
-  Yuko Fujikura : Our favorite Japanese mandolin player !
-  La Volta : young musicians in Switzerland, dedicated to ancient music
-  Pizzicato Ensemble : The mandolin quartet of Céline Cellucci, in south of France. She played many years with us.

A few Mandolin-related internet sites

Site Topic
EGMA European Guitar and Mandolin Association. Our group is a member of this association
La Vieille Grille A small and friendly theater in Paris, where we often play in concert.
Le Plectre The archives of the French mandolin magazine, to which some members of our group did very active contributions
Federazione mandolinistica Italiana Information about mandolin in Italy
Musée de la musique This site contains very nice pictures of ancien mandolins
Emmanuelle Boblet An artist who made, among others, some very nice paintings of our group (one of them is the cover page of our CD "quinte et sens"). She can represent the movement and the personality in her paintings
Michel Bosc A contemporary composer who wrote several pieces for our group
Luigi Embergher A lot of information on this famous Italian luthier
Compagnie de théâtre Baba Yaga We played the live scene music for several of their productions
Jean-Paul Charles The French mandolinist, now living in Brazil as an instrument maker. We bought from him some superb bandolims, and we are very pleased that he makes available on his web site a short recording that we made with his instrument.
La mandore The web site of the French lute player, which contains interesting information about the mandore.
La mandore toujours A very well documented web site on the mandore (in German only) from the lute player Andreas Schlegel.

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