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Alex de VALERA (born in Cali in 1949)
He studied music writing, chamber music and guitar at the Musikhochschule of Vien (Austria), then at the Superior Conservatory of Madrid and the Superior Conservatory of Alicante. He won the second prize of guitar at the contest of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle in 1974, and he studied at the Elon College (North Carolina) in 1975. He studied lute with Hopkinson Smith and Paul O'Dette. As a guitarist, he devotes himself to contemporary music. He is also a highly sought after continuo player by the small groups of ancient music. He is a teacher at the Sorbonne university in Paris, a master of the choir, and the assistant director of the National Music school of Pantin, where he also teaches guitar. He composes about one piece every year. He favors chamber music based on Renaissance counterpoint, written for groups with a flexible formation ("The Lord of the Rings" based on texts from Tolkien for two female singers, percussion instrument and double bass, "La combine à Freddy" based upon a madrigal from Dowland for jazz quartet, pieces for three percussionists, for solo bass clarinet, for piano, "Une Histoire de Brigands" for plectrum quartet ...) but he also composes for larger groups (Christmas songs for children choir and symphonic orchestra, piece for wind instruments orchestra ...).

Benoît ROSSIE (Born in Gand, 1964)
After he won first prizes in music theory, harmony, fugue and counterpoint at the Royal Conservatoire of Gand, he improved himself at the Berklee College of Boston on arrangement, jazz composition and movie music composition. Now a musical education teacher for the city of Paris, he was formerly in charge of training the audio and video technicians of the Paris Opera house. Among his compositions, we should mention "le Mont-Blanc" for symphony orchestra, "Trois Fables de La Fontaine" for choir a cappella and the music of the short length film "Unique Solution".

Laurent RAYNAUD (Born in 1968)
He plays guitar in Mulhouse, France, and he shows interest in the Mandolin Orchestra of his town, for which he writes several pieces. His Suite "Assonance", written in 2004 for the Mandolin Orchestra of Mulhouse, was created by the Ensemble Gabriele Leone in 2007. His piece "Valse vénézuélienne" is a new version (dedicated to the Ensemble Gabriele Leone, and created on April 3, 2011 in Gespunsart, France) of one movement of "Métamorphoses", written for symphonic orchestra in 2001. He also composes pieces for classical guitar. His inspiration comes from his strong interest in ethnic music as arabic-andalousian, oriental, japanese, corean, south-american, and also what is named "Minimal Music", with mainly Steve Reich and Philipp Glass. He is focused on rhythm, and puts in his work an imprint of deep ecology when possible. Please visit his web site

Michel BOSC (born october 3, 1963)
French composer-arranger, self-educated, discovered by the famous french composer and singer William Sheller in 1985, he wrote, in addition to a trio for flute per request of Jean-Pierre Rampal (op.21), more than a hundred pieces including three symphonies, six symphonic poems, three masses, chamber music (including "La Harpe Invisible op.82", an order from the Ensemble Gabriele Leone, and also a pastiche of Charpentier for ancient instruments, op.5), scene music and arrangements of songs. He also wrote several articles in the Bulletin of the Charpentier Society, and he conducts the voice ensemble Beatus Vir. Interested by the rare tones of the Ensemble Gabriele Leone, he wrote them, based upon the three notes G-A-B, a Tombeau, a french-style suite created in Argenteuil in November 1997. He also composed two other pieces for the Ensemble Gabriele Leone : "la Harpe Invisible" (op.82) (first production in Conflans Ste Honorine, March 1996), "le Vent sur le Lac" (op.137) (first production in Camaret, August 1999) and "A l'ombre d'Oliviers" (first production in Paris March 2006), the score of the latest is printed by Wolfhead, they also provide a short clipo of our concert recording. This article in the French version provides a much more extensive biography of Michel Bosc. You may have a look at his internet site : www.michelbosc.com.

Vincent BOUCHOT (born 1966)

He is a singer, a composer, and for both, mostly self-educated. His litterature studies lead him to work on pieces from Georges Perec, who is now influencing his writing. In 1987 he becomes a member of the "Chapelle Royale" and it is with Philippe Herreweghe that he learns the basics of becoming a singer. Then he becomes a member of the "Groupe Vocal de France" and also of other groups, and since 1994, of the "Ensemble Clément Janequin" with whom he sings all over the world. Meeting with the scenarist Mireille Larroche has been of upmost importance for his work as a composer. She asks him first to write a song for the contermporary play (La Chasse à courre selon Serge Dassault, 1998), then an "opérette" (La Belle Lurette, 1999), an opera (Ubu, 2001), a song for Françoise Pollet (Le Souvenir de Jean Queval, 2003) and soon their fifth collaborating will lead to the creation of a new opera (Brèves de comptoir, in 2005).

Vincent Bouchot also received some financial help from the government and from the Fondation Beaumarchais-SACD (for La Belle Lurette and Chemin faisant), a request from the ARIAM of Ile-de-France for Non lasciarmi morire, and private orders from the theater "La Péniche Opéra" (Ubu), the "ensemble Aleph" (Cahier de musique du Père Ubu) and the "ensemble Carpe Diem" (One page music).

He also composed two pieces for the Ensemble Gabriele Leone : "l'Adieu au Siècle de Monsieur Webern" (first production in Paris, november 2000) and "Bach Tanka" (first production in Logroño, August 2003).

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